Zanzibar Safaris

Zanzibar is part of Tanzania - the mainland and it comprises different islands in Indian Ocean hence being called the Zanzibar archipelago. Zanzibar is known for its blue beautiful beaches and this has made Zanzibar grow into a worldly-renown tourism destination. The main island is Unguja also called Zanzibar;with its main capital -Stone Town which has a great history of Swahili and Islamic influence.


Zanzibar Safaris take place in the main two islands which include Ugunja and Pemba. These islands are known for their bad history of slave trade that was introduced by early settlers - Arabs, Portuguese and other groups of settlers. These groups of people introduced Zanzibar beaches, crops, building houses made from coral reefs among others. Zanzibar is known as the land of Swahili people and the name Swahili comes from Arabic word - 'Sawahili' which means coast.


A Zanzibar safari will therefore expose tourists to different attractions such as wildlife, blue beautiful beaches, cultures, among others and these will be observed by taking part in the following;


Visiting the old Fort

This is the oldest building in Stone Town and this was built with aim of protection from attack of the Portuguese. It’s located at the seafronts of the famous former Forodhani Gardens which is a market for fresh produce.


Jozani-Chwaka forest

This is the only forest but offering best experiencesthroughits lush nature trails. This place is frequently flooded, but brings the best of wildlife spots. It's located in Chwaka bay. You will discover a lot ranging from lovely trees like palms, mangrove and so much more. You will observe animals like African civets, elephants, kirks, red colobus and Sykes monkeys. Visitors also get a chance to explore bird species like mangrove kingfishers, African goshawk among others.

The rock restaurant.

Visiting the rock restaurant is one great way of going where you will taste different cuisines and dishes. This restaurant is unique and famous since it’s located on the rock in the southeast peninsula and it has a stunning view of the ocean. The experience of walking through sand into the rock with the use of ladders to climb the rock leading you into this magical restaurant.


Prison Island

Also known as Changuu Island, this island was used by the early settlers mainly the Arabs to imprison resistant slaves and at the same time used to quarantine people suffering from yellow fever at the time. This island was recently turned into a tourism industry by introducing giant tortoises. Visiting this Changuu Island will reward you with the best wildlife and historical experience on your Zanzibar safari.

Stone town tour.

This tour rewards visitors a chance to discover the oldest town in Zanzibar that was constructed using coral stones. The buildings are unique and they are in form of rocks. They offer the best experience and during aStone Town tour, visitors willexplore religious places, local markets, museums among others.

Zanzibar Spice plantations tour.

This tour takes visitors to experience and taste different spices that were introduced by early settlers of Zanzibar. The local guide will take you to the gardens of cloves, ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon, among others. During this excursion, you will touch, feel and taste the flavor in tea or aroma in food.


Take part in beach activities

Beach activities range from swimming, snorkeling, dolphin tours and sunbathing, among others. The beautiful beaches of Zanzibar offer the best beaching vacations for lovers, colleagues, work mates and students. Numerous beaches that you will visit includeBwejuu Beach, Michamvi Beach, Nungwi Beach, Kendwa Beach, Kizimkazi Beach and Matemwe Beach among others.

There are a myriad of other places or activities that you will take part in or visit while on your Zanzibar safari. These will create memorable experiences. Book a Zanzibar holiday safari today to enjoy these and more.

Zanzibar Safaris


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