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Sipi falls is an extraordinary and beautiful feature located in Kapchorwa district, 287.4 km from Kampala the capital city. The falls are on the foothills of mountain Elgon as you are heading onto mountain Elgon national park.

The name Sipi was derived from the phrase “sep” a wild banana plant which grows on Sipi river banks and used as medicine to cure fevers and measles. These falls are composed of other three stunning waterfalls whose highest flows at the altitude of about 100m, the main fall and finally the last falls.

All these falls give this region a beautiful view and scenery which is enjoyed by visitors who are in love because they are known to be the most romantic falls where one can chill and relax with their loved ones. 

When you visit Sipi falls, you are able to enjoy the hikes to mountain Elgon giving you a stunning view of Kyoga lake and the lowlands of Karamoja among other sightings. 


Birding; the Sipi falls are a good spot to encounter different bird species. It is home to over 270 birds that include moorland francolin, alpine chat, tinkerbird, Tacazze sunbird, black collared apalis, moustached green tinkerbird, lammergeyer among other species. This is a nice spot to see different rare bird species. 

Abseiling; Sipi falls is a nice place to do abseiling and it is carried out at the main water fall. This activity is so thrilling and adventurous because you wouldn’t want to miss it out as it cheers up your adrenaline. You can as well abseil the other three majestic waterfalls falling down mountain elgon. This activity is unforgettable as it creates lifetime memories as you get to challenge yourself with hiking the three waterfalls who are at different levels. 

The Sipi river visit; take some time off your itinerary and visit the Sipi river that is known to have beautiful greenish vegetation that includes the sep where the name of these falls was derived and the plant that is used to treat measles and fever. 

Coffee plantations visit; these coffee plantations are found at the lower slopes of mountain elgon. The coffee grown in this area is known as the Arabica coffee that grows at an altitude of about 1,300m and 2,600m. 

During your visit, you shall get a chance to learn about coffee growing and the life of a coffee grower. Get a chance to participate in activities like growing, picking, processing, preparing and tasting. 

A visit to mountain elgon national park; mountain elgon national park is located approximately 27.6 km away from Sipi falls. When you visit the park, you are able to see different animal species like bushbucks, defassa waterbuck, leopards, bush pigs, white colobus monkeys, blue monkeys among other species. Here you are able to get original and outstanding experiences of nature. 

Fly fishing; fly fishing is the activity done by attracting fish using an artificial equipment called a fly.

Visiting the Sisiyi falls; these Sisiyi falls are found along the way that goes to Kidepo national game park in a district known as Bulambuli along the Mbale-Moroto road. These falls are known to be good spots for relaxing and chilling with loved ones. 

Rock climbing; this outstanding activity is done on the steep rocks and slopes. One of the top places to do the rock climbing is the chebonet falls and for one to climb, you are required to come and have the rightful equipment to carry on this activity. Some of the equipment are hiking boots, walking sticks among others. This activity is best advised for people who are fit and flexible. 


Favorable and convenient time to visit Sipi falls is during the months of June, August, July and December. These months are regarded as the best because during this time, the trails are dry and easy to walk on. 

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