Ruhija gorilla sector in Bwindi National Park

August 29, 2023 | Bujo Safaris

The eastern part of the thick lush green forest of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park happens to be Ruhija and is best accessed through Buhoma or Kabale. Tourists with moderate or no trekking experience should consider taking the course of this sector as its terrain is not so hilly hence aged trekkers shouldn’t miss this sector. 

Besides the four gorilla families that tourists can spot while they are in the park, tourists also get to enjoy the scenic nature, watch amazing birds among other amazing animals like monkeys and other wildlife animals.

Gorilla families found in Ruhija sector

  • Kyaguriro

This is the oldest gorilla family in the sector as it completed  habituation in 1995. The family was led by Silverback Zeus during their habituation but was later sent into exile till his death by Rukina after having a leadership fight. 

The fight for leadership for power doesn’t seem to end and this got Mukisa to be challenged by a silverback from a different family group in 2016. After Rukara defeated Mukiza, the family split up into two forming Kyaguliro A and Kyaguliro B. Kyaguliro A is the original Kyaguliro family and it is made up of 10 members that include one silverback, 3 adult females, 2 black backs, 2 juveniles and two infants.

  • Mukiza

This is sometimes referred to as Kyaguriro B as it was a breakaway of the famous Kyaguriro family. It so happens to be the second largest gorilla family in the sector. The family is headed by silver back Mukiza, 7 adult females that include Mugenyi, Mugwere, Twijukye, Korugyezi, Bwebisha among others, one female sub adult, one juvenile and 5 infants.

  • Bitukura

This family was named after River Bitukura where they were first seen. This family has a history of being the only gorilla family to take one year to be habituated as most families take two to three years. This family is made up of 13 members with four silverbacks that include Rukumu, Rukara, Karamuzi and Ndahura who is both the youngest. 

After Karamuzi retired from leadership at the age of 42, Ndahura was able to take on the throne and he has been in power since then till date. The family includes three females named Bettina, Ruhara and Kamuga, two black backs named Mugisha and Obia, juvenile Kabandize and two infants called Kadogo and Mubwindi. This gorilla family is always available for gorilla trekking and it’s considered to be a peaceful and friendly gorilla family.

  • Oruzogo

This gorilla family was first sighted near a local plant species called oruzogota and hence their name came into existence.  The family was opened for gorilla trekking in 2011 and is made up of 17 members under the reign of Silverback Bakwata. The family also has 2 black backs, 2 sub adults, 5 female sub adults and 10 infants.

This is the most loved gorilla family in this sector because of its braveness and amazing stubborn nature of most of the members of the family. 

Things to do in this sector after gorilla trekking 

Trekking gorillas highlights the events that occur in this region, but it is not the only jaw dropping activity that tourists can lose their minds on while they are in this sector. Other interesting features of the Ruhija sector include the following;

  • Bird watching

The chirps made by the birds at any time of the day is the true definition of decent noise because the sound made by these creatures is irresistible. A walk from the sight of the amazing mountain gorillas is definitely tiring but this is all quenched by the views of these small beautiful creatures as they fly so high in the sky and from tree to tree. 

Well trained bird guides usually lead tourists as they show to them a number of bird species that tourists can land their eyes on like the grey throated barbets, the red chested flufftail, African shrike flycatcher, Kivu ground thrush among others. The Ruwenzori batis shouldn’t be missed as it highlights the beauty of the birds found in this region.

  • Nature walks

The aroma of nature is strikingly beautiful and gives off a relieving kind of intoxication to tourists that is addictive and more of this is received by tourists who take a slow walk into the pristine spaces of Ruhija. During the guided nature walks, tourists follow sight appealing trails like the Mubwindi swamp trail, bamboo trail among others. The bamboo trail definitely reveals different primates wandering in the slippery hard bamboo like monkeys, tourists get to appreciate forest elephants, beautifully colored butterflies, caves and other natural beauty features.

  • Cycling 

The meandering nature of Ruhija and the park at large offers an interesting ground for tourists to cycle and meander through the land majestically. This is a better way of touring the park, local villages, interacting with people, visiting farmlands and plantations all at the seat of a bicycle muscling through the bumpy routes of Ruhija.

Best time to visit the park

All year round, tourists are highly welcomed to this sector but a blast is gotten by tourists who tour in the dry months of June to January get to enjoy a great deal from the dry walking trails to the clear sky and the warm sunshine among others.

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