Last minute Gorilla trekking

December 07, 2021 | Bujo Safaris

Is there a chance for booking last minute gorilla trekking tour? This is a question that many travelers ask before finally living their dream of meeting incredible mountain gorillas in the wild. Last minute gorilla trekking, though seems an impossibilityit is actually very real and very many people have got a chance to encounter these gorillas in the various parks where they take refuge.


Where to find mountain gorillas?


Mountain gorillas can only be visited in four places on the whole planet and these are Virunga national park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Volcanoes national park in Rwanda, and then finally Bwindi impenetrable national park, and Mgahinga national park in Uganda. These parks are distributed in a stretch of mountain ranges known as the Virunga ranges that possess the only conditions for the survival of endangered mountain gorillas.


What do I need to experience a last minute gorilla trekking safari?


Many travelers comprehend about what they have to do in order to experience such last minute gorilla actions. They shouldn't worry because you get to experience everything a guest who booked earlier experiences too. However, guests are strongly advised to plan earlier instead to avoid the stress and pressure in the fear of missing out on this great opportunity.


Last minute gorilla trekking is mostly advised for individuals or small groups of 2to 3 members as it's easier to secure last minute gorilla permits for such than bigger groups.




Mountain gorilla trekking.


Visitors get to embark on an adventure of tracking one of the few habituated families in a national park of their choice. Though the trekking is not as easy as it looks, trekkers have to navigate thick undergrowth, maneuver through the slippery and steep trails and the heat or rain depending on the day.


However, all the efforts put in are forgotten as you are rewarded when you finally meet these amazing creatures. You get one full hour to enjoy them as they eat, copulate, play and bond. After this, you retreat to your lodge and relish the magical moment you had.


Mountain gorilla habituation


Trekkers can also book for a gorilla habituation experience if they are interested in spending more time with the gorillas. Habituation involves joining experienced researchers on duty into the forest to help with orienting wild gorillas into being familiar with people. This takes more than half the day though it comes with an extra cost than the normal trekking tour.


You experience as well ascreating a bond with them and reduce their shyness when they see humans. The habituation experience is only done in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.


Bird watching


Last minute gorilla trekking as well offers guests a chance to interact with the gorillas, it provides an amazing opportunity for birders to encounter numerous bird species that inhabit these parks where gorillas reside. Most national parks host some Albertine rift endemics which creates a magical moment when encountered.


Bird species that can be encountered include Rwenzori turacos, African green broadbill, African black ducks, black-billed turacos, Cassin’s grey flycatchers and handsome francolins.


The best time recommended for gorilla trekking


Gorilla trekking is a treasure that can be relished all year round. However, these parks normally experience two seasons in the year which has a slight impact on the gorilla trekking experience. The dry season is best period to visit mountain gorilla families; running from months of December to February and June to October. This is known as peak season and many guests plan their trips in these months. It's attributed to easier trekking when trails are less slippery, fewer insects and low / no chances of rain while trekking.


The rainy season on the other hand experiences low numbers of guests hence being the low season. This is because of heavy rains usually experienced in these months making trails muddy and hard to navigate plus an increase in insects like mosquitoes that discourage most visitors. However, this season comes with the advantage of fewer crowds and reduced rates for tour packages and lodges in the park. It's also more favorable for last-minute gorilla tours since fewer permits are demanded and faster arrangements can be achieved.


No matter how time limited you are, whether on a business mission, visiting friends or family, or even having gorilla trekking as a second option after a wildlife safari, be rest assured that you can live your wildest dreams of meeting up with gorillas becauselast minute gorilla booking can be available in most of the parks.

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