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As mentioned above, this is Africa’s largest lake and can be found in the eastern part of Africa. The lake is shared between Uganda Kenya and Tanzania. Uganda accounts for 45% of the total water body. Lake Victoria is approximately 68,800 kilometers squared in size. The lake was formerly known as Nalubale by the local citizens however with the coming of explorers its name was changed.

Huntington John Speke named it Lake Victoria in respect to the British Queen by then. This happened in 1858 after he had finished searching for the source of the Nile at the lake.

Uniqueness and attractiveness of the lake.

Lake Victoria being the largest freshwater lake in Africa is quite a convincing attraction for the tourists to come and see. 

The lush tropical islands. Lake Victoria has over 10 islands in it such as Kalangala, Ngamba, Buvuma and so many others which provide a very good view for the tourists and so they find it attractive. Also going to islands to feel the humbling experience of being at an island is quite a good one especially for the first time and cannot be traded for a thing.

Beautiful beaches by the sides of the lake also further attract tourists. These beaches also provide swimming areas for example aero beach near the airport and also others at the hotels and resorts around.

This same lake is also the source of river Nile. Tourists flock to the country and come to see the source of the longest river in the world. Such attractions make this lake stand out from all the rest in the world.

Lake Victoria is also a source of hydroelectricity power.  The dams around attract tourists from all over Africa to see how the power is actually manufactured.

Another yet fascinating fact about the lake Is the fact that most of its water is from rain. It has a few rivers that blow water into it and swamps around.

Activities done on Lake Victoria.

Bird watching. This activity is supported by the lake due to over 500 species from the Ugandan side. That stay around the areas in the islands, swamps and the forests around. These can be watched while at the lake. These birds include the famous shoe bill that can be found in the swamps of Mabamba. Tourists actually travel from around the world to come and see this bird. Other bird species include the marabou stocks, egrets, cranes, African fish Eagles and turacos.

Boat excursions. Tourists take boat rides from the harbors around Entebbe and spend the whole day on the water which is a good experience especially for the water lovers and those who like speed boating. There are some other larger boats at the lake that help in the transportation of people from ports of the lake to islands or even up to other countries such as Kenya and Tanzania. These encompass MV Kalangala, and many others are in place to help elevate the experiences of the tourists to another level.

Sports fishing trips. Fishermen and the wannabes can also do fishing at the lake since it has over 200 species of fish. This helps elevate the experiences of the tourists since most of them who go for this activity value these catches. It is done using canoes, fishing rods and other techniques that are not dangerous to the environment.

Hiking is also supported especially in the island of Kalangala and so on.  This goes along with the nature walks and forest walks in Ngamba island.

Swimming is also yet another activity that is done at the lake though with caution to diseases such as bilharzia and many others. Tourists are seen swimming in the shallow ends of the lake especially at the beaches and some areas along the Entebbe express highway. The ends of the shallow areas are demarcated to prevent people from crossing over to the deeper ends which might be dangerous.

Guided tours. These are possible at the lake and they are done by professional guides who provide information about the lake to the tourists from all over the world. The guided tours also extend up to Ngamba island for chimpanzee viewing since there is a whole sanctuary for the orphaned chimpanzees.

When to visit Lake Victoria.

Lake Victoria can be visited anytime of the year though the dry seasons provide an uninterrupted experience and this refers to the period between June to the middle of September and the period from December to late February. The cold temperatures and the breeze on the lake further make the experience better in the dry seasons as compared to the wet seasons when everything is wet and cold. 

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