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Lake Mutanda is a unique and outstanding water body located in southwestern Uganda in Kisoro district and it has been a top destination for those looking for the best bird watching safaris, trekking volcanoes and gorilla trekking safaris. This lake is also a perfect place for people who love swimming because it is free from Bilharzia.

Lake Mutanda is located on the slopes of the Virunga mountain ranges and is one of the most attractive lakes in Africa due to the lashing sprawling highlands. It has fresh waters dominated by over 20 islands with trees, shrubs, surrounded by green vegetation and plantations on lower slopes. 


Island exploration: When you visit lake Mutanda, you are able to explore these islands and see them one by one.  You are able to see all of them or just some depending on your schedule. These islands include the Buhungiro island, bird island, Hampizi island, Kabaya island, Mutanda island and the punishment island where unmarried pregnant girls would be abandoned and left to starve to death, the python island which is full of pythons though it’s not easy to spot. All these islands have different features that you would love to see. 

Boat activities: On the boat activities, you can enjoy a motorboat, fishing, a sunset cruise, kayaking, canoeing among others. Some of these activities help you to explore lake Mutanda as you relax, chill and enjoy the breathtaking breezes that come from the lake. 

Nature hikes and visits: Lake Mutanda has highlands that are adventurous once you hike them. You can hike from Buhoma to Nkuringo to Lake Mutanda and then finally take a boat cruise before sunset. These hikes require you to go into the forests where you will meet hospitable locals who always welcome visitors with a warm smile. You can as well hike through Bwindi impenetrable forest and later go back and relax.

Bird watching: Lake Mutanda is referred to as the birders’ haven and it is a good place to see different bird species since the lake is a top attraction to a number of birds. Different bird species like the hawks, pelicans, African spoonbill, Hadada Ibis, sacred ibis, among others can be spotted at this lake. 

Boat rides: Enjoy a boat cruise or ride in a traditional dugout canoe which is a one time experience when you visit lake Mutanda. There is a lot at your disposal to see and encounter like the different rare bird species that surround this lake with their stunning beauty and different colors.

Boat rides can be enjoyed in the evening or morning hours since the waters are always calm and easy to navigate through. For ardent swimmers, feel free to swim before heading onto a sunset boat ride since the waters are free from bilharzia. 

Gorilla trekking: For the visitors who would love to do gorilla trekking, you can do it as you are on your safari to Lake Mutanda because Bwindi forest impenetrable national park is in a close range with Lake Mutanda. Even as you hike through the forest, you can plan with the guides on how the trekking will take place. 

Fishing: To the people who love fishing and those who would want to try it out, Lake Mutanda is a nice spot for fishing. This activity is usually enjoyed by the tourists that stay around the lake. 


Birds. The lake is known to be a birder’s haven and you are able to see several bird species like the African spoonbill, pelicans, fish eagles, hadada ibis, kites, hawks among other species. 


The best and favorable time to visit Lake Mutanda is during the months of June, August, December and January because during this time, the trails are dry hence easy to navigate. 

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