Lake Kivu.

August 29, 2023 | Bujo Safaris

Why is Lake Kivu a popular tourist destination?

  • Kivu attracts tourists globally because of its explosive nature. Regardless of the methane that is believed to exist underneath its waters, the waters are safe for tourists who enjoy swimming and a huge number of tourist activities. 
  • This is one of Africa’s largest lakes. Therefore tourists come from near and far to appreciate the beauty of the islands and creatures of this lake.
  • Lake Kivu owns the world’s 10th largest island. Kibuye Island is enormous and offers a vast range of activities to tourists like sunbathing, swimming, fishing, enjoying the speed boat among others. 

Location of the lake 

The shimmering waters of Lake Kivu straddle the borders of both Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, it's part of the water bodies found in the western branch of the East African Rift valley. Draining its waters into River Rusizi that further flows through Lake Tanganyika, the lake is magnificently situated in the great Albertine Rift.

Activities carried out on the lake

  • Boat cruise

Water is always defined as life but what is life on water without a tantalizing ride into the waters of Lake Kivu. Tourists who visit Lake Kivu cannot risk missing touring on water and they get the joy of gazing at a variety of natural resources that surround the lake like islands, birds while they enjoy the cool breezes that are offered by the lake.

  • Canoeing

Paddling at one’s own speed while enjoying the cool breeze doubled by the blue water waves mingling over the water surface is what tourists who visit canoeing on Lake Kivu enjoy. The scenic views of the lake offers an everlasting memorable view to the tourists. Canoeing on the calm waters of this lake is amazingly safe as there are no crocodiles or hippopotamuses on the lake.

  • Island hopping

Lake Kivu is a source of livelihood for both humans and other living creatures including those that survive on the islands of the lake. Tourists get to take a boat cruise on one of the most amazing islands found on the lake. 

The eastern part of Lake Kivu lands tourists to Amahoro Island where tourists are welcomed by a community of fishermen. Tourists get to enjoy the tasty fish that is available in plenty and also get to take part in the fishing expedition. 

Napoleon Island named after the famous French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte is another island you can visit. Bird watching and a huge concentration of fruit bats is the main highlight of this island. 

A tour to Idjwi Island exposes the wonderful culture of the Congolese coupled with fantastic views. Amizero island is highlighted by its beautiful beaches and is full of life for tourists who enjoy swimming, kayaking.

  • Sport fishing

Regardless of the lake being termed as a killer lake because of the methane that is present in its crust, the waters of Lake Kivu support a variety of fish species that include tilapia which is the most sought. While watching the water spaces and anticipating the blue dangling water waves are fish swimming, sport fishing an interesting activity that fish lovers shouldn’t miss.

  • Beaching

The definition of a lake is purely incomplete without a beach and the waters of Lake Kivu have mainly four beaches that include Cyangugu, Nyanzaru, Kanyabayonga and Isunga beach. These beaches offer a great deal of enjoyment to the tourists from the beautiful scenery to the sun that tourists enjoy while they are in the beach sand. Tourists can get a sleep over on the shores of the beaches and enjoy a fantastic view brought by the sun set, a meal at the shores of the lake while they are gazing at the lake views. 

Cyangugu beach is found on the east side of the lake and is a huge spot for sunbathing and swimming, however fish lovers can also engage in sport fishing. The northern shores of the lake has Kanyabayonga beach and this is perfect for most water sporting activities. The west of Lake Kivu is beautified by Nyanzaru Beach and it’s the sweet heart for most tourists as it’s the largest beach in the area not forgetting its magnificent sand dunes and the white beach sand perfect for relaxation.

  • Birding

Tourists taking a boat cruise are highly privileged to spot the wondrous singing creatures of the area. The different bird species enjoyed by tourists include the yellow eyed black flycatcher bird, Ruwenzori turaco, pied kingfisher and other spectacular species.

  • Visiting plantations. 

An agricultural tour into the vast thriving plantations surrounding Lake Kivu is another interesting activity that tourists dig in while they visit the park. Tourists get to acquaint themselves with a lot of interesting coffee growing processes and procedures like how it is planted, harvested and packed for consumption. Feel the sumptuous taste of a thrilling coffee tea drink that thrives from the fertile soils around Lake Kivu. 

  • Swimming 

Hydrophilics surely get a blast from visiting the lake because they cannot miss swimming in the dazzling blue waters of this lake. 

Different attractions

  • Beautiful scenery of Lake Kivu surrounding

The shimmering blue waters are not the only tantalizing feature in the region but also its surrounding is scenic and quite appealing to the tourists’ eyes. The lush green vegetation cover tagged with the thick greenery on the islands have a thrilling view that is attractive and beautiful. Tourists also get to enjoy nature and its components like colorful butterflies, wildlife animals like crocodiles, monkeys, hippopotamuses, enjoy fishermen fishing among other beautiful scenery on the shores of the lake.

  • Lake Kivu

This lake is surely a tourist attraction and worth touring because it is Africa’s largest freshwater lake therefore it should be on the travel itinerary for any tourists who lands into the land of a thousand hills. 

While tourists get to the lake to set their eyes on the endless lake, they also get to enjoy the surroundings, interact with the locals and get to know the country in detail. The alluring environment of the lake is tantalizing and it offers a thrilling cool breeze coupled by a warm sun that relieves tourists interested in taking sunbathes.

Best time to visit the lake 

The dry months of the year ensure that the waters are not only calm but also offer clear waters. The dry months of June to September are known for having bright skies and are perfect for enjoying all the water activities on Lake Kivu.

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