Horseback riding in lake Mburo national park. 

August 29, 2023 | Bujo Safaris

Lake Mburo is the smallest national park in Uganda. It is located in western Uganda covering an area of about 260 square kilometers. The park is home to over 350 different bird species, various animal species among other features. Horseback riding takes about 2 to 5 hours on a horseback amidst the savannah vegetation of Lake Mburo national park. 

Mihingo safari lodge is known for providing the most outstanding horse riding services since 2008 and it has a total of 7 horses and 4 ponies. Tourists that are interested in horse riding should not be weighing more than 100 kgs because most of these horses can carry a maximum of 85kgs. 

Horseback riding has two sessions , the morning and afternoon session. The morning session that starts at 9:00AM and the afternoon session that starts at 2:00PM. Each of the horse riding sessions can accommodate 6 people who are led by experienced horse guides. 

The activity begins with a short briefing on how these horses are supposed to be handled. The two experienced guides are supposed to monitor this whole activity as one leads and another one follows from behind.

On this ride, you are able to spot different animals and bird species, and physical features like the valleys and the lakes that surround this national park. 

You can also have arranged night horse rides, these enable you to explore the park during night hours. Enjoy the silence of the park as you spot nocturnal animals.

Horseback Riding in Jinja. 

Get a chance to see the unveiled gems of Uganda such as the beautiful views of river Nile, the longest river in the whole world. During the horse ride in Jinja, you are able to spot different bird and animal species. 

Nile horseback safaris is the only company that offers horse rides and each horse has a saddle bag, mounting block and a rain jacket to ensure your safety during the ride. Kids from 4 to 10 years can also engage because they are provided with ponies. 

The horses are kept in good shape and condition making them a delight to ride. 

Visitors who want to experience the horse rides should not exceed 95 kg because that’s the maximum weight the horses can accommodate. 

This horseback riding activity in Jinja has four sessions; morning, afternoon, sunset and night sessions. The morning session begins at 10AM, afternoon session at 2PM and the sunset session at 4PM accommodating about 6 individuals per session. 

The activity starts with a briefing about how to handle these horses under the guidance of the experienced riders. Each of the sessions is given two experienced riders, one who leads as the other monitors from behind. 

During this activity, you are able to see the lashing views of the river Nile, communities, farmlands, tea plantations, different bird and animal species like monkeys. 

Experienced kid riders are given one hour and beginners can only enjoy this activity for 30 minutes. These kids are given ponies and guides who monitor this whole activity to ensure safety. 

The night session involves going through difficult trails and it only accommodates two people. In case one wants to participate, they are advised to book in advance. 

You are supposed to be fit enough in order to enjoy the night rides because they involve a lot of challenging trails. This package comes with free transportation from the campsite.

Jinja offers various ranges of rides to match all levels. That includes the mixed group which involves family and friends, intro pony rides for both kids and adults, 1 hour mixed group for kids and aged riders, 2 hour mixed group for families and friends, 2 hours advanced for experienced riders and involves spotting a lot of different things.

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