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This cultural village reveals Rwandan village life, and visitors can also experience and be part of it. The village is one of the interesting spots that makes Rwanda sell like a hot cake on the tourism market. The money from this tourist destination goes back in the support of local people and communities. On top of countless landscapes, beautiful hills and attractive scenery, Gorilla Guardians village is one of the top destinations in Rwanda. 


The right spot for cultural experience in Rwanda is located in Musanze / Ruhengeri District and Northern part of Rwanda very near to the famous Volcanoes National Park. This cultural village will bring it out to the visitors that there is more than just gorillas and gorilla trekking in the park and Rwanda at large. 

Also known as “Ibyiwacu”, the cultural village is now a place run by a non-profit organization and home for former gorilla poachers that have now turned into gorilla conservationists after learning the value of gorilla mountains. The village was formed in 2004. These people that belong to several cultural tribes are largely benefiting from this cultural village and are being given an opportunity to do something of their own so they can provide for their families away from poaching hence the village acting as uniting factor for oneness. 

The Kinyarwanda name Iby’iwacu means “Treasures of our home and heritage” and to date, it’s a leading cultural tourist attraction in the country. History, People and all Rwandan cultural traditions are found in this one village. Several Rwanda’s tribal groups from Batwa to Tutsis and Hutus all live in this very village. 


Visitors and guests get a feel and fully immersed in the real Rwandan Rural village life with a lot of traditional activities that range from, fruits gathering, lighting fire out of dry sticks, preparation of local dishes, drumming performances and Rwandan type of local dance known as the “Intore dance” all to make your Rwandan Safari such a remarkable one. 

Visiting the King’s place.

The whole Rwandan cultural safari feels incomplete if one doesn't visit the King’s palace in the Iby’Iwacu village.  This is one of the most interesting and comely areas showing how Ancient Kings and rulers ruled their courts.  It brings out the real African Leadership history with all the informative symbols representing power and each clans’ information. The king’s home is an enticing historical site as it shows how Rwandan Ancient Kings had absolute power that they were not only respected but feared too. 

An ancient King would do as he pleases without being questioned by any one in fact Kings would order and subjects do as per the orders without a single hesitation. All Kings celebrations, feasts and activities were to be done within the palace, under the clan leaders, Princes, Princesses and distinguished visitors' watch. 

Community walks.  

Another interesting fun, great learning experience and informative activity that includes visiting local people's homes too. This great activity offers an opportunity to the guests and visitors to learn more about cultures of different communities plus the Rwandan real rural cultural and African human races. Here, visitors are actually interacting freely one on one with the locals of Iby’Iwacu village either in or out of their grass thatched houses. Lots of interesting cultural activities are being taught by the guests from preparing meals locally to making fine millet flour with just a single stone, small  and a bigger one. Beautiful crafts, cultural shops and local paintings are sighted are also being sighted in the cultural village

Traditional Dances and Music.

Traditional music addicts Iby’Iwacu is the place for you all as it gives a wide range of unique music sounds from Amakondera,  Ibyivugo, Ingoma to Umuduri and Agakenke, all with a good vibe and enticing rhythm.

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