Golden Monkey Tracking in Rwanda

August 29, 2023 | Bujo Safaris

About Volcanoes National Park. 

Volcanoes national park is located in the northwestern part of Rwanda and homes some of the remaining gorilla mountains in the entire World with over five volcanoes that are part of the Virunga ranges. The park is part of the Virunga conservation area that stretches to Democratic Republic Congo and Uganda. Volcanoes National Park homes about 178 bird species and several mammals including African Elephants, spotted hyenas, black duikers, golden monkeys to mention but a few.  


One of the tourist activities that is actually not given the enough attention it deserves in the volcanoes national park. Golden monkey trekking safari in Rwanda is one of the best activities that one can dive in for a remarkable experience. Something that catches the eye and captures the attention of the guests is how these endangered species have unique characters and their own way of living. For example they will communicate to one another through dramatic facial expression, vocals and gestures while they will only communicate on purpose. Another interesting fact about these comic monkeys is how they simplify and make it easy for them to access food, golden monkeys will ensure that they feed where they sleep. 

Also known as the “Old World monkey” they possess a unique feature of their noses whose nostrils face upwards point that actually distinguishes them from other primates. In fact, due to their uniqueness, visitors will easily recognize them from others by their yellow patches which are seen all over their bodies.  

Diving in Volcanoes National Park will give  the guests a chance to get to Virunga Mountains that carry their extensions from Rwanda and have a one on one encounter with these monkeys. The session like most of the treks will kick off in the cool hours of the morning and only one session is done throughout the day. 

Visitors will be prohibited to take camera flash photos since flashes scare these dramatic monkeys away. Passionate visitors willing to take part in this enticing event are highly advised to report at the Volcanoes national park offices as early as 7:00am for simple instructions to follow and a small briefing on what’s and how it’s done.  

The journey from the Park’s office to Virunga mountains is actually approximately 15 minutes so guests who can’t wait to enjoy the event are rest assured of a fast experience.  About 100 monkeys are at Sabinyo, the most visited troop and there are only two troops of these monkeys in Volcanoes national park. The other troop is situated in the Volcanoes and homes just a few of them. 

The golden monkeys are Albertine endemics and therefore live in the Albertine region that comprises the valleys, mountains and lush vegetation which in turn favors their safety habitation and easy access to food. Sometimes the famous gorilla mountain trekking overshadows the golden monkey trekking and this is how some visitors are seen initially first going in for the gorilla trekking then later for golden monkey trekking 

Since most of these monkeys stay in the Virunga mountains, they can easily be sighted and the guests won’t find it a hurdle to track these interesting monkeys. Sometimes the better way to track them is by following clues of their bamboo shoots that they leave behind after eating and sometimes will even go ahead to illegally encroach the neighboring people’s plantation, hence easily seen by the guests.  Visitors will actually see them dramatically swinging and jumping  from one bamboo tree to another while some of them are seen with short tails as a result of their trapped tails from the bamboo trees.


In Rwanda the best time to go for golden monkey trekking actually moves hand in hand with that of gorilla trekking in the Virunga mountains. So visitors can go in for these tremendous events all at once during the same period of time.

The best time to go in for the golden monkey trekking is always the drier months of the year from December to February and throughout June to late September. 


Rwanda offers the most expensive golden monkey trekking permits and are somehow costly ranging about $100 per person, and this permit allows the visitor to get one on one with the monkeys for only one hour. The tickets can be accessed from the Rwanda Development board and the same price includes the park ranger and the park entrance fees to Volcanoes National Park.  

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