Golden Monkey Habituation Experience in Uganda

August 26, 2023 | Bujo Safaris

Golden monkey habituation is one of the thrilling activities that are offered in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in the South west of Uganda. The larger Virunga mountains, which also extend up to Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Mgahinga Gorilla National Park distinguishes itself from the rest due to its rich biodiversity, home to endangered mountain gorillas as well as exhilarating golden monkeys.

Description of Golden monkeys.

Golden monkeys - scientifically known as (Cercopithecus eukaryota) are a species of old world monkey natives that inhabited the Virunga mountain ranges. They are not so hard to recognize due to their different golden and orange hair, which blooms in the sunlight, their contrasting black legs, tiny face yet so hairy and different tail. These exciting monkeys have a unique playful yet so energetic character. They often jump from branch to branch, tree to tree as they showcase numerous acrobatic styles.

Golden monkeys are known to live in small social groups of about 10 to 15, and habituated groups have become familiar to human presence, this allows visitors a chance to have a look at them closely without causing them harm or any form of distress.

Habituating the golden monkeys is aimed at making these wonderful primates more customary to people, which helps ensure a non-disruptive experience for both the monkeys and visitors. This great process involves gradual efforts of familiarization with human presence with the use of regular visits intertwined with minimum interaction to reduce their fear, aggression and charge towards humans.

How much do I need to go for a golden monkey habituation experience?

This should be the least of your worries since the cost of a golden monkey habituation experience is not so high. The cost ranges from approximately $ 140 for the Foreign Non Residents, Uganda shillings 120000 for East African citizens and $ 110 for the Foreigners who became Uganda's residents. It's advisable to pay through Uganda Wildlife Authority's website or official tour operators authorities to avoid fraud cases.

What could be the best time to do golden monkey habituation activities?

The best time to do this exciting activity in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is always during the dry seasons when the area is not so wet and slippery which normally occurs starting December up to February and from early June to August. During such times, the weather is so predictable, and the trails are not as muddy as in the wet seasons and way too accessible, making the experience a bit more exhilarating.

What you should consider useful while packing for this activity.

Comfortable clothing: One needs to put on light and breathable attire that's suitable for trekking, habituation and also consider long-sleeved shirts and pants to protect against biting insects and scratching vegetation.

Treadious walking shoes: Also comfortable, waterproof, hard front hiking boots with a good grip are so essential for trekking and habituation through the forested area.

Rain proof gear: Even when in the dry season, rain precipitates can occur unexpectedly in this area. One should consider bringing a lightweight rain proof coat to stay dry.

A hat and sunscreen: As this will protect you from the sun's scorching rays, especially when on open sections of the trail.

Insect repellents are yet so crucial too: Keep biting insects such as annoying mosquitoes away with a good quality repellent.

Snacks and water: Carry some energizing snacks like Irish, banana and so on, enough water to help you stay hydrated during the habituation experience.

A light camera and good binoculars: Capture every moment and store good memories as you observe the exciting golden monkeys up close.

A small backpack: Carry your personal belongings in a comfortable backpack while on the trek for example snacks, phones, cameras and so forth.

A first aid kit: It’s advisable to always have a first aid kit beside you while in the jungle with extra essentials such as bandages, a pair of tongs, antiseptic, and any other personal medications.

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