Game walking safari in Lake Mburo National Park

August 29, 2023 | Bujo Safaris

Lake Mburo is the smallest national park in Uganda located at 239.8 kilometers from Kampala and 70.7 kilometers from Mbarara the largest town in western Uganda. Lake Mburo is the most accessible national park due to its proximity to the capital and well constructed Kampala-Mbarara highway. 

Lake Mburo covers an area of 260 square kilometers and was gazetted in the year 1933 then later attained as a national park in 1983. This park is home to various swamps, trees, bird species, mammals, forests and fish among others. 

This park has diverse animal species like antelopes, bush pigs, warthdogs, orbis and it is known to host the biggest number of impalas. Lake Mburo national park provides you with the best game viewing and bird watching safaris. This park hosts over 350 different bird species that include shoebill stork, pelicans, yellow throated longclaw, francolin, African wetted lover, green wood hoopoe, African gray hornbill, white winged warbler among others. 

The park is home to over 68 different mammals such as impalas, antelopes, zebras, buffaloes, jackals, hyenas among other species. Lakes that inhabit different fish species like the mudfish, tilapia, lungfish among others.

The park provides different adventurous activities that create long term memories such as game viewing, bird watching, nature walks, fishing, horse riding, cultural safaris, among others. One of the interesting activities to do in lake Mburo national park is game walking safaris and it is described as below: 

Game walking safaris in Lake Mburo national park is an exceptional way of viewing different wildlife in the park. This place is known to be free from lions and elephants making it safe and free for one to do game walking safaris. 

The walks are best done in the morning hours and during this time, you are able to see different animal species like zebras, giraffes, impalas, orbis, leopards, hyenas, jackals, topis, reedbucks, elands, bush bucks among others who are grazing and drinking water from the swamps. Reptiles, butterflies, mongoose and the rare sitatunga are other species that you are able to see during the game walking on a lucky day. 

You can choose to do this activity either in the morning, evening or at night where you are able to see different nocturnal animals along the game river trails. The activity lasts for about three hours commencing from a place known as Rwonyo tourism. You are able to learn about the park and its history all led by a game ranger. 

What to See During the Game Walking Safaris in Lake Mburo National Park. 

Among the unique animal species that are big in numbers are the impalas. You are also able to see the largest African antelope known as the eland. Other animal species that can be seen are the warthog, burchell's zebras, hippos, leopards, hyenas, buffaloes among others. On a lucky day, you will see crocodiles and warthogs. 

Home to over 350 different bird species, Lake Mburo offers one of the best bird viewing safaris. During game walks, you are able to spot rare species such as malachite kingfisher, speckled mouse bird, saddle-billed stork, papyrus gonolek, Carruthers’s cisticola among others. These birds have different colors and are good to look at. 

During the night game walks, you are able to see different nocturnal animals such as leopards, porcupines, civets and hyenas. 

Lake Mburo also offers other thrilling activities like horse riding, boat cruise, game drives, bird watching, fishing, bicycle riding among others. 

Game walking safaris go for only USD 15 for the residents and USD 10 for the non-residents and for east African citizens, you pay UGX 10,000 to enjoy everything at your disposal. 

Best Time to Do Game Walking Safaris in Lake Mburo National Park

The favorable time to go for game walking is from June to August and December to January. Most of the animals are fond of being around the water sources in this period.

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