21 Days Uganda Gorillas, Chimps and Wildlife tour



This is a great safari where you will encounter different wildlife, culture, nature among others. It covers big cats, big animals, most of the national parks of Uganda among others. Look at the source of the Nile in Jinja, Sipi falls in Kapchorwa, Karamojong visit, Batooro, Bakiga and Batwa experiences, visit the world's most powerful waterfall-Murchison falls and you will take part in different activities like game drives, boat cruises, hiking, gorilla trekking, chimpanzee and golden monkey trekking.


You will also visit the rare tree-climbing lions in the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park among others.


Detailed itinerary


Day 1: Arrival and transfer to a hotel


You will arrive at the airport in Entebbe and then transfer to a hotel and this will be the beginning of the safari. In case you don't have some travel documents, the guide will take you to different offices to acquire them. In case the time allows, you will head to take a city tour where you will visit places like the Uganda museum, Baha’i temple, and Gaddafi mosque among others.


Day 2: Transfer to Jinja - visit Sezibwa falls, Mabira forest and source of R. Nile


Head to the Jinja on this day after breakfast, and on the way, you will visit Sezibwa falls where you will learn traditional stories and beliefs of the Baganda. After this exploration, you will proceed with a journey to Jinja and have another stopover where you visit Mabira forest which is one of the natural forest reserves in Uganda but with great adventure moments. You will have a nature that will take you to the massif waterfalls of Griffin falls.


Then head to Jinja for lunch and after take a boat cruise which will take to the source of the Nile. Discover the beauty of the Nile and then you will head to your hotel resort in Jinja where you will spend a night.


Day 3: Transfer to Sipi Falls


You will have breakfast and then transfer to Sipi falls, which will be a great day of adventuring more of eastern Uganda. The journey is rewarding and adventurous. Sipi River flows in the foothills of Mount Elgon and forms 3 different falls that reward you with a scenic experience while on a hike. You will stay in a beautiful lodge overlooking these waterfalls.


Day 4: Hike the Sipi Falls


Wake up with a smile on this 4th day of your safari and be ready to take a 7 hours hike with a help of the local guide. He/she will explain the flora and fauna, pass through the coffee plantations and get to know about the coffee grown around Mount Elgon. This hike to the three falls is really rewarding and you will take a great moment as you explore.


Day 5: Travel to Moroto - Karamojong culture and visit the traditional Kraal


Proceed to Moroto District where you will encounter the Karamojong. These tribesmen are related to the Masai of Tanzania and Kenya in terms of culture. They live in Kraals – the Bomas in Swahili and locallycalled the Manyattas.


Thehomesteadsare composed of these round huts and surrounded by a fence made of thorns and bushes. The fence is used to protect them from wild animals and rival attacks. You will take a community tour, learn about this culture and enjoy the true African lifestyle.


Day6: Transfer to Kidepo valley National Park


Leave Moroto district and proceed further north to Kidepo national park, a renowned wilderness area which boats not only the Big 4 but also some of the few rare wildlife species that can’t be found in any other place in the whole of Uganda. Arrive in the evening, enjoy a welcome juice at the hotel and rewind on a night camp fire while enjoying the African stars.


Day 7: Full day in Kidepo valley National Park


Encounter different animals while on the full day game drive in the park plains, as well as anotherrewarding cultural experiences of the Karamojongpeople who will entertain you with cultural dances, cultural songs and legendary stories.


Spot different animals such as zebras, elephants, buffalos, jackals and giraffes; withhigh chances of spotting a lion and a cheetah on a lucky day. You will also head to visit the hot springs towards the border of South Sudan.


Day 8: Kidepo to Murchison falls national park


Leave Kidepo valley National Park and find your way to Murchison falls national park passing through Kitgum-Gulu highway. This journey is tiresome as most of the parts of the road are Murram. You will have a lunch break in Gulu city accompanied by a short city tour where you will visit the main market and other attractions if you still have time. Murchison falls national park is the largest and biggest national park in the country but very unique in its own way. This ranges from wildlife to landscape scenery.


Day 9: Murchison falls National Park


On this day, you will take part in three adventures where you will take a game drive in the morning, a boat cruise in the afternoon immediately after lunch and hike / visit at top of the falls. The game drive will take you through the northern part which is made of majorly savannah and then encounter different wildlife and among others are hartebeests, jackals, hyenas, waterbucks, bushbucks, warthogs, oribis, elephants, buffalos among others.


Hippos and crocodiles will be spotted on the boat cruise together with different birds and the top of the falls visit rewards with rewarding scenery whilespotting the rainbow that is formed when water squeezes itself in a narrow gorge.


Day 10: Transfer to Fort portal


Head to the tourism city – Fortportal in western Uganda after an optional short game drive in the park or balloon ride. Be rewarded with a fabulous journey coupled withlush forests, tea plantations and a stopover for lunch in Hoima city. The rolling hills and sharp corners as you head to Fortportal which is located amidst lush tea plantations and crater lakes. Enjoy a view of the Rwenzori ranges and these will be exciting moments.


Day 11: Sempaya hot springs visit, Amabere Ga'nyinamwiru caves and overnight stay near Kibale National Park


Visit both male and female hot springs in Semliki national park which reward you with exciting information and a great moment where you will also boil your food like eggs, bananas among others. You will also, spot primates like red-tailed monkeys, olive baboons, black and white colobus monkeys, red colobus monkeys among others.


After a great history and adventure, you will head to fort portal the only tourism city in Uganda. Have lunch and then proceed to Amabere Ganyinamwiru where you will encounter the stalagmites and stalactites that are formed hence traditional stories attached. A have a great moment of the Nyakasura falls and then proceed to hike the Mweganywa hill. Leave for and head to Kibale national park


Day 12: Full day in IsungaCommunity-Kibale National Park


This will be a great day as you spend a day adventuring the beautiful Isunga Community which is at the edge of Kibale forest national park. You will be having breakfast and then be dropped at the offices of Isunga community where you will meet the local guide, engage in briefing and take a community tour where you will visit different homesteads for Bakiga and Batooro. Encounter the traditional healer, take part in a daily activity like digging and meal preparations. Also, you will visit the Isunga healing cold spring and discover these healing pools of bubbling cold waters.


Day 13: Chimpanzee trekking and Bigodi swamp walk


Head to the Kanyanchu Information Center where you will receive a briefing after breakfast. You will be told not to feed animals, no mimic, always keep a distance, among other rules and regulations. You will head in the forest to start the search as you track the nests, sounds and footprints. Meet them jumping from one tree to another and this will create everlasting memories.


Spend an hour in their presence and this will be a great adventure and while in the forest, you will meet other attractions like the birds, Vegetation, primates among others. After having a lunch break and engage in the afternoon swamp walk where you will discover different primates like olive baboons, black and white colobus monkeys, vervet monkeys, red-tailed monkeys among others.


Day 14: Transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park and boat cruise


Have a morning breakfast and head to the Queen Elizabeth National Park which is the most visited national park in the country. There is a lot to discover such as wildlife in the form of animals and birds, beautiful scenery and welcoming people.


Be welcomed by wild animals and birds as you proceed to take a boat cruise. The boat trip takes on Kazinga Channel where you will be able to see hippos and crocodiles. The night will be spent on one of the lodges booked in the park.


Day 15: Game drive and transfer to Bwindi National Park


Head for a game drive where you will encounter different animals like lions, elephants, buffalos, leopards, warthogs, Uganda kobs, bushbucks among others. This will be before breakfast ant the game drive will take you to the Ishasha sector where you will have an opportunity to spot the rare tree-climbing lions. This will reward you with everlasting memories and thereafter proceed to Bwindi national park. There is a lot to discover while in this park but the most interesting are the mountain gorillas and the Batwa community.


Day 16: Gorilla trekking and Batwa community experience


Head for another great adventure where you will meet the rare mountain gorillas in Bwindi National Park. This will be done after briefing and the park guide will take you to the presence of gorillas. The walking time will depend on the location of the gorillas and this means the overall experience can take about 3 to 5 hours including an hour while in the presence of the endangered mountain gorillas.


In the forest, you will meet different eye-catching attractions like the colobus monkeys, different birds and trees among others. You will also head to experience the unique culture in Uganda who are the Batwa pygmies. These are interesting and they will reward you with different cultural facts like the dressing code, cultural music and dances, storytelling, making fire among others.


Day 17: Bwindi to Lake Mutanda and boat cruise


Head to Lake Mutanda which is amazing and offers a great view of the surrounding landscape. This lake offers boat cruise activities that will take you to discover the different islands, bird species, meet fishermen among others. You will relax, leisurely at one of the resorts and this will make the best of your safari.


Day 18:  Transfer to Mgahinga National Park


Leave Lake Mutanda after a leisure breakfast and transfer to the smallest national park and that in Mgahinga national park. This park has diverse wildlife including the rare mountain gorillas, golden monkeys, different birds including the rare rift valley endemics such as Rwenzori turaco, Rwenzori batis, Rwenzori double-collared sunbird, collared Apalis, mountain masked Apalis, Archer's ground robin, stripe-breasted tit, blue-headed sunbird among others. You will then transfer to the lodge booked.


Day 19: Golden monkey trekking in Mgahinga national park


Have a morning breakfast which will be followed by joining another trekker at the park offices for briefing. You will encounter different relevant pieces of information like the rules and regulations like no feeding animals, no making noise among others. Head to the forest to start the search, through locating the sounds of the golden monkeys.


You will as well meetother attractions like the vervet monkeys, colobus monkeys, among others. The golden monkeys will be spotted in bamboo trees as they play and you will notice that golden monkeys tend to draw closer as you take photos with the flashlight and this means that they enjoy seeing the light. After a great trekking experience, you will head back to the lodge for leisure


Day 20: Transfer to Lake Mburo national park


Head to Lake Mburo national park in Kiruhura district where mayindulge in a rewarding game drive and if time allows, you will take a boat cruise. The park offers the best of sunrise, sunset and wildlife and boasts being the smallest savannah national park in the pearl of Africa.


The journey from Kisoro to this park rewards you with beautiful scenery covered with rolling hills, sharp corners, and farmlands among others. Arrive and have an option of taking a boat cruise where you will be able to spot hippos and crocodiles plus different bird species.


Day 21: Return to Kampala. Morning game drive and stop over at the Equator crossing


Have a morning game drive in the park and then transfer to Kampala. The morning drive will reward you with the best of Uganda’s savannah wildlife where you will spot numerous impalas, warthogs, giraffesand zebras.


The journey to Kampala will take you to the equator point where you may also stop for delicious lunch. Have wonderful moments of photography, or even buy some beautiful souvenirs. Continue and drop off atthe Entebbe International Airport where you will be dropped. This will be the end of your21 days Uganda safari.

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