Canopy Walk in Rwanda

The canopy walk is one of the most exhilarating experiences done in Rwanda common in the magical Nyungwe National Park located in southwestern region. The park is located near Rwanda’s boarder with Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Burundi as well as Lake Kivu.


Canopy adventure is a guided walk on a 160 meter long walkway lasting for about two hours on such a suspended bridge. The only legible travellers to be part of this walk are individuals aged six years and above. It is also advisable for adults to accompany children for purposes of safety.


Launched in 2010, the canopy walk has since become a very famous tourism activity not only in Rwanda but in East Africa. It has also enhance longer stays in Rwanda, especially in Nyungwe Forest National Park. Travelers get to walk 60 meters above the forest and they are rewarded with      panoramic aerial views of the lush Nyungwe Forest’s vegetation, surrounding tea plantations, elusive primates and birds as well as the neighboring local communities.


Canopy walks in Nyungwe forest start at the park headquarters that is Uwinka and they usually depart at 8:00 am, 10:00am, 1:00pm and 3:00pm respectively. It is at Uwinka that you will purchase most of the canopy walking essentials / equipment such as walking sticks and raincoats in case you did not carry them. You will then be guided by the tour guide to the Igishigishigi trail from where the160 meter suspended is adjourned on huge strong trees on of the magnificent Nyungwe forest.


The walk ways are portioned into three sections - the ninety meters, forty five meters and twenty five meter sections.


The activity gives travelers an opportunity to watch variety of bird, primate and other animal species some of which are restricted to the region.


What is the cost of Canopy walks in Rwanda – Nyungwe Forest National Park?


Canopy walking adventure in Rwanda go for 60$ per person and it is mandatory for every traveler to have a canopy walking permit beforeembarking on the adventure.


It is advisable for travelers to secure their canopy walking permits as early as possible to avoid inconveniences on the last minute.


What are the essential equipment for canopy walking in Rwanda – Nyungwe forest national park?


For travelers to have the best canopy walking experience in Rwanda, they ought to have the following equipment;


  • Hat to protect your hair and head from tree droplets
  • Rain jackets for the unpredictable forest weather
  • Sweaters/scarf for warmth in the cold canopies
  • Bottled drinking water
  • Hand gloves
  • Hiking boots/ shoes for easy hiking


What is the best time to do canopy walking in Rwanda?


Canopy walking in Nyungwe forest national park is an all year round activity, however, it is best done during dry months of June to September and December to February since the trails are drier making the walks much easier.

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