8 Days Rwanda Safari



Take part in this 8 Days Rwanda safari Holiday where you will be able to visit the 3 famous national parks of Rwanda that is Volcanoes, Akagera, and the beautiful Nyungwe national park. Also, the safari rewards you with memories of a boat cruise on Lake Kivu, after engaging in the primate watching of the Chimpanzees and mountain gorillas, game drives in the plains of Akagera national park. Create the best memorable experience while taking this safari in the land of a thousand hills.


Detailed itinerary


Day 1: Arrive and transfer to a hotel in Kigali


Arrive in Kigali and you might have a city tour of some of the attractions in Kigali Rwanda such as the Rwanda genocide memorial center, the local markets among others. The driver-guide will be eager to help you to process the travel documents in case you miss any, acquire some materials that you can use while on this safari like the mosquito repellant, snacks, among others. After all that, you will head to the hotel and release the journey fatigue


Day 2: Transfer to Akagera National park


Have a morning breakfast and then head to Akagera national park that is the only savannah park in the country. This will be a rewarding adventure where you will enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Rwanda making it to be called the land of a thousand hills. Akagera national park is located far north of the country and got its name from the Akagera River that runs along the border of Tanzania and Rwanda in the premises of the park.


Enjoy an evening game drive where different animals will be spotted like lions, buffalos, elephants, bush pigs, warthogs, olive baboons, leopards among others. Check in the booked accommodation for the best evening experience


Day 3: Game drive and boat cruise in Akagera National Park


Wake up and take a short cup of coffee or tea and join the guide driver together with a park ranger who will take you to the plains of the park enabling you to view different wildlife such as lions, elephants, buffalos, warthogs, antelopes, zebras, giraffes among others. The game drive lasts for about 2 to 3 hours depending on the interests.


Have lunch and then head to explore Lake Ihema on the premises of the park with a game drive that will last for 2 hours. You will reach abound where you will stretch your eyes to see Tanzania. This cruise rewards you with the best of Hippo and crocodile viewing moments. You will return to the lodge for dinner.


Day 4: Transfer to Nyungwe National Park


Have a leisurely breakfast and then start your way to Nyungwe National park where you will get to know about this destination. This park is remarkable for its 13 primates and these include our human cousin's chimpanzees that share 98% of blood DNA. Other primates in this park are the vervet monkeys, olive baboons, L'Hoest's monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, red-tailed monkeys among others. There are other big mammals like elephants, buffalos, antelopes among others, birds can be spotted also while taking a tour in this park.


Day 5: Chimpanzee tracking and transfer to Volcanoes national park


Have breakfast at the lodge and board your vehicle to take you to the starting point of tracking. You will definitely begin with a briefing which will enlighten you about the forest and the park habitats at large, guidelines to follow will be well-stipulated such as not making noise, following the guidelines of the ranger guide while in the forest, keeping a distance from this beautiful primate among others. Then be guided through the forest as you try to find out where these primates can be located.


You will definitely find them and enjoy an hour while in their presence while recording memorable experiences. You will return to the lodge for lunch followed by checking out of the lodge premises to transfer to Volcanoes National park. This is one of a few national parks in the world that offer mountain trekking since it's located in the Virunga massif where the mountain gorillas live. You will arrive late evening and then head to take dinner.


Day 6: Gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park


Gorilla trekking normally takes place in the morning and only one group of mountain gorillas can trek each day with a group of 8 visitors. This means that on this day you have to take breakfast early and then drive to the offices where briefing and trekking starts. Meet another fellow trekker during the briefing point where guidelines like not littering the forest premises, no feeding of animals, keep a distance of 8m from the family of gorillas.


Start the trek and this will take you into the interior of the forest, the trails are well demarcated as you like to get closer to the gorillas. On spotting a family, you will be allowed to spend an hour with them enjoying their movements, feeding, playing as the silverback take control of the group. You will then transfer to the lodge after this great moment.


Day 7: Transfer to Lake Kivu and boat cruise


Head to Kivu on this day where you will encounter the boat cruise which will take you through the different islands while enjoying nature. Lake Kivu gives the best scenery and it's on the border of Rwanda and Tanzania. The boat cruise will take about 2 hours and then be rewarded with the beautiful views as you relax at one of the resorts on this lake.


Day 8: Head back to Kigali City


You will transfer back to Kigali on this day after breakfast and straight away head to the airport which will be the end of this 8 Days Rwanda safari.

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