Gorilla Trekking and Wildlife Safaris in East Africa

Discover what makes East Africa an outstanding tourism region in Africa only on gorilla trekking and wildlife safaris. Experience the best wildlife encounters from mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, golden monkeys, wildebeest migration to big five game. Our gorilla trekking and wildlife safaris in East Africa introduce you to some of Africa’s top destinations including Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, Tanzania, Kenya etc.


All our gorilla trekking and wildlife safaris in East Africa are uniquely designed with packages available for all travelers and at visitor pocket range. Book with us your next gorilla safari and wildlife tour in East Africa and experience the best of Uganda gorilla trekking adventure, Rwanda gorilla encounter, Congo gorilla tours, big five game and wildebeest migration in Tanzania, Kenya, birding tour experiences, nature walks and more.


Our gorilla trekking safaris let you enjoy not only magical encounter with mountain gorillas but also the eastern lowland gorillas in Kahuzi-Biega National Park, D.R. Congo. There are two sub-species of gorillas in East Africa- the endangered mountain gorillas and eastern lowland gorillas. These two gorilla sub-species make up the Eastern gorilla species. The other sub-species of gorillas exist in the Western part of Africa including the Western Lowland gorillas and Cross-River gorilla.


Gorilla trekking safaris in East Africa, where to go?


All gorilla trekking safaris in East Africa are best done in the 3 countries; Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The 3 East African states protect 1063 mountain gorillas and these large apes can be trekked only in the 4 National Parks.


Gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda


Uganda, a home to half of all the world’s remaining 1063 mountain gorillas offers the most affordable gorilla trekking safaris. It is the only East Africa country with 2 (two) mountain gorilla safari parks- Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.


Bwindi Impenetrable National Park


Bwindi Impenetrable National Park protects a compact rain-forest- Bwindi Impenetrable Forest also best referred to as the place of darkness given its dense treetop. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is in Southwestern Uganda and houses over 459 mountain gorillas in its lush and misty 331sq.kms.


Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, gazetted in 1991 lies on elevation range of 1160-20609m and remarkably, it is a designated UNESCO Site. Other than the endangered mountain gorillas, there exist other wildlife species and floral species including 220 butter fly species, 360 bird species, 10 more primate species, reptiles and plant species of medicinal significance.


Gorilla trekking in Bwindi National Park, Uganda is best carried out in the 4 regions each with habituated gorilla family groups and accommodation facilities. They include Rushaga & Nkuringo region in the South, Buhoma in the North and Ruhija located in the East. The 4 regions for gorilla trekking in Bwindi National Park house 20 habituated gorilla families with Buhoma comprising of Katwe, Rushegura, Mubare and Habinyanja gorilla group.


Rushaga region habituated gorilla groups include Bweza, Kutu, Bikingi, Busingye, Kahungye, Nshongi gorilla family, Mucunguzi, Mishaya and others. Ruhija gorilla groups include Mukiza, Oruzogo, Kyaguriro and Bitukura gorilla families. While Nkuringo region has amazing gorilla families such as Christmas, Bushaho and Nkuringo groups.


Bwindi also has a range of other exciting safari experiences for tourists to be part including gorilla habituation which is done by only 4 visitors and 4 hours are allowed for tourists to have a face to face encounter with mountain gorillas. Birding in Bwindi offers birders look out for 360 bird species which include over 23 Albertine rift endemic species like Rwenzori turacos, Rwenzori nightjars, dusky crimson wings, African green broadbill, Rwenzori double collared sunbird, handsome francolin, grauer’s swamp warblers, regal sunbird, purple breasted sunbird and more.


Nature walks- enjoy a close interaction with nature by taking part in Bwindi guided nature walks in the various trails. Encounter lots of species from primates such as L’Hoest’s monkeys, colobus monkeys, red tailed monkeys; birds to colorful butterflies.


Mgahinga Gorilla National Park


Compared to all the gorilla trekking parks, Mgahinga National Park covers only 33.7sq.kms of land area in Southwestern Uganda. Lying on elevation range of 2,227 to 4,127m, Mgahinga National Park has only Nyakagezi group for tourists to trek making it the only gorilla safari destination for you to enjoy treks less of crowds.


While in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, gorilla trekking safaris can be incorporated with other wildlife safari experiences such as golden monkey tracking, birding to sight some of its 200 bird species including Shelley’s crimson wings, regal sunbird, Kivu ground thrush, handsome francolin, Rwenzori double collared sunbird and more.


Uganda gorilla trekking safari permits- How much do they cost?


Gorilla trekking in Uganda- either you plan to go visit Bwindi or Mgahinga, you require a valid gorilla permit and the rates vary according to visitor categories. Foreign non-residents on Uganda gorilla trekking safaris pay USD700, foreign residents USD600 and citizens/nationals in East Africa Uganda shillings 250,000 per person. Booking your Uganda gorilla permits is recommended to be done at least 2-4 months earlier and this can easily be done through our reservation team or directly contact reservation team at Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA).


Getting to Bwindi or Mgahinga for gorilla trekking


Getting to Bwindi & Mgahinga National Parks is easier by road or by air and preferably, you require 3 to 5 days to enjoy a complete gorilla experience. From Kampala or Entebbe to either parks take tourists up to 8-10 hours to drive and there is possibility to connect from Kigali, about 3-5 hours’ drive through Cyanika or Katuna border.


Flying in gorilla tours can also be arranged with flights setting off from Entebbe Airport or Kajjansi airfield to Kihihi or Kisoro airstrips.




Rwanda, strategically positioned in East-Central Africa is without doubt an amazing gorilla destination of its own. Gorilla trekking safaris Rwanda are only carried out in Volcanoes National Park 80km from Kigali Airport, approximately 2-3 hours’ drive.


Volcanoes National Park is East Africa’s second compact mountain gorilla destination, occupying up to 160sq.kms of land area. All gorilla treks Rwanda are carried out in the 13 habituated gorilla family groups in Volcanoes NP including Susa A/Susa gorilla group, Hirwa, Umubano, Karisimbi/Susa B, Bwenge, Muhoza, Bwenge, Ugenda, Sabyinyo, Titus, Pablo, Amahoro, Kwitonda, Agashya and more.


Provided that you have a valid gorilla permit each costing USD1500 per person, you have a great opportunity to visit one of the gorilla families in Volcanoes NP. Book Rwanda gorilla trekking permit with us or through Rwanda Development Board.


Gorilla trekking safaris in D.R. Congo


Lying in the East-Central Africa, Congo is an ultimate gorilla destination offering both mountain gorilla & eastern lowland gorilla trekking adventures. Trekking with mountain gorillas in Congo is only possible in the Virunga National Park, located in the Eastern part of the country. This park covers 7800sq.kms and has 8-10 gorilla families including Nyakamwe gorilla group, Mapuwa, Humba, Rugendo, Munyaga, Bageni, Kabirizi, Baraka, Lulengo, Wilungula and more.


Lowland gorilla trekking Congo is done in Kahuzi-Biega National Park which expands up to 600sq.kms of land area. This is one of the UNESCO designated sites with about 12 families of eastern lowlands and about 5 are open for lowland gorilla trekking including Bonane, Mpungwe and Chimanuka gorilla groups. Gorilla trekking in Kahuzi-Biega NP like in Virunga NP all requires you to carry a valid gorilla permit each costing USD450.


Wildlife safaris in Kenya & Tanzania


Kenya and Tanzania are without doubt East Africa’s top game viewing destinations offering tourists a lifetime encounter with abundant wildlife as they roam in the extensive savanna parks, reserves. Enjoy the best of East Africa wildebeest encounter to big five game in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve and Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park.


Wildebeest Migration in Kenya and Tanzania


Wildebeest Migration, an annual migration where over 2 million wildebeest accompanied by thousands of zebras, gazelles etc. move from clockwise for over 1800 miles for search for pasture and water. Witnessing wildebeests migrate is amazingly a lifetime experience and from January to March- this is considerably the best calving season in Serengeti-Mara ecosystem.


April to May, also regarded as off/low season- a period when most of these mammals begin migrating to the North through Seronera area. Early in June, wildebeest migrate westwards due to scarcity of pasture and move to R. Grumeti. July to October, they migrate in search for what to feed on and towards the end of July till mid-October, they form small groups in the Northern Serengeti and Masai Mara Kenya. In general, the best time to enjoy wildebeest migration is from June to September.


Masai Mara National Reserve


Covering land area of up to 1510sq.kms, Masai Mara National Reserve is Kenya’s premier wildlife viewing destination, boasting of diverse wildlife and vast savanna plains. The reserve lies in the Narok County of Kenya close to border with Serengeti NP. It is not only famous wildebeest migration but also diversity of other species of wildlife including 450 bird species, giraffes, leopards, zebras, cheetahs, lions, black rhinos, antelopes, hippos and more.


The best places to stay while on migration safari in Masai Mara N/Reserve Kenya range from budget to luxury. They include Kichwa - Tembo Camp, Royal Mara Safari Lodge, Mara Serengeti Safari Lodge, Little Governor’s Camp and others.


Serengeti National Park


Lying in the Northern side of Tanzania, Serengeti NP is Africa’s splendid wildlife park providing remarkable wildebeest encounters. The park covers 14763sq.kms of land area, founded in 1951 making it one of Africa’s oldest parks. Serengeti NP is also a designated UNESCO Heritage Site in Tanzania and shelters more than wildebeest including cheetahs, lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, spotted hyenas, bat eared fox, reptiles, cape hare, aardwolf, African civet; 500 bird species including southern ground hornbill, yellow billed stork, Kori bustards, saddle billed storks, grey breasted spur fowl, pink backed pelicans, spur winged geese, lesser flamingos, goliath herons etc.


There are several places to consider spending a night while on migration tour Serengeti NP/land of endless plains including Nomad Serengeti Safari Camp, &Beyond Serengeti under Canvas, Kimondo Camp, Olakira Migration, Ubuntu Migration Camp, Kubu Kubu Lodge and more.


Other popular wildlife parks in Tanzania include Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Ruaha National Park, Mikumi National Park, Katavi National Park and others. In Kenya, the beautiful places to visit other than Masai Mara N/Reserve include Amboseli National Park, Mount Kenya National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park, Nairobi National Park, Aberdare NP, Samburu National Reserve, Tsavo National Parks, Chyulu Hills National Park, Malindi Marine NP, Sibiloi National Park, Mt. Longonot National Park and many others.


Chimpanzee tracking in East Africa


Chimpanzee tracking is one of the unforgettable wildlife safari experiences you should expect to be part in East Africa. There are several places to explore on chimp safaris in East Africa including Kibale National Park a home to all 1500 chimpanzees, Budongo Forest a 825sq.km forest reserve, Kyambura Gorge at Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kalinzu Wildlife Reserve- all these are interesting places offering tourists on Uganda safari a chance to see chimpanzees in the wild.


Chimpanzee tracking Rwanda is enjoyable only in Gishwati-Mukura National Park & Nyungwe Forest National Park. Nyungwe is a vast forest park covering about 1000sq.kms and shelters 13 primate species including over 500 chimps, owl faced monkeys, grey cheeked mangabeys, Dent’s monkeys, blue monkeys, L’Hoest’s monkeys, Mona monkeys, baboons and others. Chimpanzee tracking in Tanzania takes place in Mahale Mountains National Park and Gombe National Park.


Best time to go gorilla trekking & wildlife safari in East Africa


The dry season is of no doubt the best time to travel to East Africa for you to enjoy gorilla trekking and wildlife viewing. There are 2 dry seasons experienced each year; one phase that runs from June to September and December to February. East Africa gorilla and wildlife safaris can also be conducted during the wet or rainy season- March to May and October to November.


Things to have for your gorilla trekking and wildlife safari in East Africa include rain jacket, chimpanzee permit, gorilla permits, pair of binoculars, daypack, hiking boots, long sleeved shirts, camera, sweater, insect repellents, first aid kit and others.

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